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About Us


 "Koji Soupe" and its sister brand "Koji Labo" were started during the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, by Noriko and Yota Suzuki, two immigrants from Japan.

 We started in the kitchen of the local Indian restaurant in Parc-Extension (Special thanks to Buffet Maharani restaurant!)

 Yota Suzuki was formerly an apprentice of a sake master in Japan, a very intensive process that entails physically living at the brewery for several months at a time. 

La brasserie 


Koji Soupe & Labo has very recently renamed as "La Brasserie San-Ô".

This name was chosen since San(山)-Ô(王) means Mount Royal in Japanese. The new logo takes as much the imaginary of the mountain as the organic side of the products.

Our Mission

La brasserie San-Ô (@kojisoupemtl) is Quebec’s first producer of koji rice and derived products in Quebec.


Koji rice is a mold-inoculated rice (koji being the name of the mold) that is the precursor ingredient to a whole host of Japan’s most popular foodstuffs. It is responsible lending a unique and undeniable umami flavour in any kinds of cuisine that is highly coveted by chefs and fermentation lovers.

Probably, chefs could make Koji on its own. The challenge is chefs don’t have time because they are busy, also the space to make Koji in the restaurant is really limited. As chefs select local and fresh vegetables for their plates, we are here to supply high-quality and restaurant grade koji in Canada.


San-Ô is a specialist of Koji serving different kinds of koji by the demand. We are happy to supply our artisanal Koji to clients all over Canada.

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