Through the experience of brewing Sake in Japan, we rediscovered "the benefits of Koji". Koji has a lot of potential for any kind of culinary as well as health benefits.

Although Koji is an essential ingredient for producing miso, sake, soy sauce, and other Japanese condiments, it is very easy to apply to any kind of cuisine. 

Just mix Koji with any sauce such as curry sauce and BBQ sauce, then marinate the sauce with meat for a couple of hours before cooking. 

Our objective is to introduce and disseminate Koji products worldwide, it will add extra flavor and benefits to your dishes.


During the pandemic in 2020, we came up with the idea of a shared kitchen with a local business. Under the worldwide difficult situation, we are collaborating with the local restaurant which already has been licensed.

By cutting the overhead, we can offer high-quality foods and products at a reasonable price.



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We are committed to a collaboration of Koji products with multicultural culinary. 

As being a Montreal based company, we are very excited to collaborate our products to the international kitchen in Montreal.

To get to know more about Koji products...

1. Try our Ready-to-eat-meal soups which prepared with Koji

2. Be familiar with Koji products and our recipes

3. Try to collaborate our products with your dishes