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 "Koji Soupe" and its sister brand "Koji Labo" were started during the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, by Noriko and Yota Suzuki, two immigrants from Japan.

 We started in the kitchen of the local Indian restaurant in Parc-Extension (Special thanks to Buffet Maharani restaurant!)

Koji rice is a mold-inoculated rice (koji being the name of the mold) that is the precursor ingredient to a whole host of Japan’s most popular foodstuffs, such as soya sauce, miso soup, mirin, and sake.

Koji rice has the versatility in various culinary applications and serve as an inspiration to chefs. 


Gourmet Japanese soups.

All the soups are prepared and cooked with Koji, full of "Umami" flavour!

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Koji is one of the most functional ingredients for any culinary recipes.

It is really a secret weapon for more umami flavour!



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